Kitchen Backsplash with African Folk Art Motifs

‘It’s kind of fun to do the impossible’ – Walt E. Disney

When Ann came to us with a book on African Design and a desire for a kitchen backsplash that looked like a quilt with African motifs – how could we say no!  With Erinn’s love of simple lines, she was up for the challenge.   Now as many of you know, this is not your typical Santa Theresa-style backsplash with whimsical birds, frolicking around flowers and vines.

Being an avid collector,  Ann wished that her backsplash not only captured her love of quilting but also her love of African folk art.   Adding to the complexity was weaving of Ann’s own handmade tiles, she secured during her travels, into the design.

Erinn’s meticulous nature was a perfect fit for this project.  In order to combine the different tile sizes together while creating the illusion of an African tapestry, the handmade tiles she [Erinn] created, had to be exact.  The final outcome created by Erinn and Ann’s collaboration was nothing short of spectacular!

Kitchen backsplash inspired by African tile

Her use of single fire glazes both matte and glossy, as well as, the sgraffito technique for the African-inspired images; yes, the turtle tile was handmade my Erinn, created a beautiful African quilt-like kitchen backsplash that can be enjoyed for many years.

"...everytime I look at it, I find something I didn't see before..." - Ann

“…everytime I look at it, I find something I didn’t see before…” – Ann


Detail shot of the back-splash

Detail shot of the installed back-splash