Shipping Information

Things you should know about Santa Theresa Mosaic Tiles: 
Each Santa Theresa Tile is a unique creation;
We use several different clay bodies in making our tile and dozens of glaze colors;
All tiles are the same thickness, approximately ¼ inch;
Each tile is individually cut with a knife, there is no cookie cutter or mold;
All of our tiles are fired to Cone 5 (2100+ degrees);
Many of our tiles are fired multiple times to achieve their unique look and color;
Our tiles work well indoors or outdoors;
Every Santa Theresa Tile is totally handcrafted.

Each of our artists has a unique style or “hand” thus assuring that no two tiles will ever be exactly alike. Because of this handcrafted process there may be slight variations in size, color and detail. These variations are the hallmark of a handcrafted product.

Santa Theresa mosaic tile is $177 per square foot. Tiles are made to fit into one of 7 sizes for easy purchase. Because our mosaic tiles are cut in natural shapes (for example a bird or a flower) they will not exactly fill a square or rectangle, but the square or rectangle size will give you a realistic idea of the approximate size of each individual tile . Some tiles may fill a rectangle shape better, for example a leaf or a bird; while some tiles may fill a square shape better, for example a flower or a fish. Some tiles may come 2, 3 or 4 per size, for example small flowers, skinny leaves and happy dots. Click on an individual tile for a drop down menu to see what sizes and colors are available.

Our 7 sizes are:

tile size chart


We are very proud to use USPS as our delivery carrier of choice. Shipments within Arizona are subject to 8.1% Arizona sales tax. We use Priority Mail to ship all over the continental US. We do ship internationally; please contact us for shipping charges. Packing + shipping rates within the United States are added to your order at check-out. Shipping rates are listed below:

Continental U.S. Rates:


Canada and Mexico Rates: