Mosaic Building Parties

A Private Mosaic Building Party is your perfect solution for your next holiday party, birthday celebration, family outing or girl’s night! With one-on-one instruction from one of our experienced tile artisans, you will learn  the art of creativity through play with your friends, family or colleagues!

Mosaic Art Tile Party

The workshop begins with an (optional) tour of the studio and an introduction to the processes and techniques involved in traditional tile-making. Next, one of our artists will have show your group the best practice techniques in mosaic composition.

Attendees are then set loose in the classroom to build their mosaic incorporating the techniques they have learned. Choose from our selection of 150 + different handmade mosaic tiles and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is truly your own.

A final demonstration on gluing and grouting will follow.

Mosaic Building Party Pricing:

  • Parties of 5-9 participants:  $50.00 flat fee plus individual project prices
  • Parties of 11 or more:  individual project prices

*Minimum number of participants is 5 people to a maximum of 15.
**Private parties are a minimum of 2 hours in length, 3 hours with optional studio tour and tile making demonstration.
***Parties of less than 5: we encourage you to visit our showroom during business hours or browse our workshops for a day and time that suits you.

Feel free to bring in any type of food or beverages that you like.  Or, we can provide refreshments for you. Check with us on catering fees.

Me*Art Private PartyMe*Art Private Party